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Ballot Statement

Name: Miguel A. Pulido

Occupation: Mayor, City of Santa Ana

Vote for proven results and tested experience – Vote Mayor Miguel Pulido.

We’ve lived or done business in Santa Ana for a half-century. Our kids attend our public schools.  I love this city and what it’s becoming.

Fiscal Stability: We’ve balanced the budget.  Our city is in sound financial shape after reducing costs 25%.

Jobs: Through tax savings, the Enterprise Zone created hundreds of millions in jobs and investment.  The job training center we built places 9,000 residents in new jobs annually.  Clean tech businesses are growing at 5% annually, making us a top green job zone nationally.

Safety: Since I took office, crime has stopped 74%.  Santa Ana has one of the lowest crime rates of any big city in American./

Roads: Brought $225 million in improvements to Bristol St.  Resurfaced all asphalt residential streets using cost saving technology.

Schools: High School Exit Exam pass rate now 90%.

Culture: We’ve nurtured tremendous growth in the Artist’s Village downtown, world class exhibits at Bowers, expansion of Science Center and Zoo, among many exciting changes in our city./

Difficult times call for proven leadership.  I appreciate your support and respectfully ask for your vote so we may continue our efforts to make this city great.

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