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Home Parks and Recreation City of Santa Ana opening three new Santa Ana river parks

City of Santa Ana opening three new Santa Ana river parks

City of Santa Ana, Downtown Orange County

Community: The City of Santa Ana Announces the Grand Opening of Three New Santa Ana River Parks

SANTA ANA, CA (October 16, 2012) – The City of Santa Ana, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Agency proudly announces the opening of three new parks along the Santa Ana River Trail: 17th Street Triangle (.66 acres), Fairview Triangle (.30 acres) and McFadden Triangle (.78 acres). On Saturday, October 20, 2012 the city will officially open the three parks with a Ribbon Cutting ceremony at each site.

Starting at 10:30 am at 17th Street Triangle, (17th and Santa Ana Riverbed), a brief ceremony will take place. From there, those in attendance can walk, run, bike or drive to Fairview Triangle (Fairview and Santa Ana Riverbed) for the second ceremony scheduled at approximately 11:00 am. If you walk, run, or bike, the distance taking the Santa Ana River trail connection is one half mile. The final ceremony will take place at approximately 12 noon at McFadden Triangle (McFadden and the Santa Ana Riverbed) where light refreshments will be served. The distance from the Fairview Triangle Park to the McFadden Triangle Park is one and one half miles.

The city has been working hard to increase park space for the Santa Ana residents. The three parks were funded through city park fees, Habitat Conservation Funds, Recreational Trails Program and Proposition 50. The parks will be used as a resting stop for those who walk, run and bike along the Santa Ana River as well the residents who live in the area. These unique ceremonies will allow us to celebrate our new open park space and exercise at the same time. For more information, including information on parking, please check the following web link: http://www.santa-ana.org/parks/ribbon-cutting.asp.


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  1. Mark Lindsey

    I attended this event which was a great celebration for all of the public to enjoy. We need more of these to celebrate. Go to http://www.neighbors4trail.org to join existing parks and these new parks via completing a missing link in the adjoining Santiago Creek Trail.

  2. Mark Lindsey is a partisan member of a group of professionals trying to take private land from Santa Ana citizens. Socialism is not what Santa Ana and OC are about. No seizing of private property so some folks can make money while the citizens foot the bills. Mayor Pulido needs to be careful about this socialist agenda that is a boondoggle for taxpayers.

  3. Mark Lindsey

    The group I belong to is encouraging the city to establish a trail on the public owned portion of the creek and negotiate as needed with the creek homeowners to complete a 1/4 missing link on a trail where the other 10 miles is already completed. This effort has been ongoing for 40 years to join communities together.

    Some members of the opposition group have demanded the city perform a feasability study to fence off the creek (including the public owned portion) and only allow the creek homeowners access to the creek.

    Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation being spread. At least progress is slowly being made such as the opening of the above 3 new parks even though some neighbors living next to the parks also objected about their construction.

    • There is already a bike trail on the surface streets that connects the existing bike trails to the Santa Ana River. These guys don’t want a bike trail, they want a trail where they want it, on other people’s property and they want the citizens to foot the bill for construction, liablility, maintenance, etc.. This is for recreational purposes for a few but everybody has to pay. Private property should not be violated so a few people can play.

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