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Mayor Pulido greets hundreds at the Bao Quang Temple

Bao Quang Temple, ‘halo of Jewels’

By: Nguoi Viet

SANTA ANA (CA) – After a long time, through many difficulties, under the enthusiastic help of effort and money from donors and Buddhists in many places, especially Council Member Santa Ana, Bao Quang Temple was officially inaugurated on Sunday morning, with the spacious, majesty and the splendor, before hundreds of religious clergy, visitors and community members.

10 am, three bowls bells rang out also visiting the Masters monks and nuns and guests cut the ribbon, opening the exhibition of Buddhist art culture overseas.

Meanwhile, the drum lion dance wildly around the yard.

Present at the ceremony, Venerable Thich Tam Chau, the upper the Vietnamese Buddhist Association of the World, said: “Like its name, the temple Bao Quang will be like the glory of the Three Jewels bring abundance, prosperity and happiness of the United States of America. ”

“To be like today, I would like to represent fellow Buddhist Church of Vietnam and the World sincerely thank the government and people of the United States. You have committed to support the integration of refugees into freedom, democracy and multicultural training should the energetic and creative people to join together to build the civilization and prosperity of the country United States. Hence, we maintain and develop the cultural life of the nation and Vietnamese Buddhism, “the monk said.

He also praised and praised the merits “because the director, because the life” of the Republic Senate Bao Quang Pagoda.

Thich Quang Thanh, chairman of the Executive Council Buddhist Church of Vietnam the World Search abbot Bao Quang Temple, said: “The temple was built on the restored from the old house, rain leaking, to become the architecture of the traditional culture of Vietnam neutral modern cultural traditions of California aims to build and develop a base of traditional multicultural. ”

“The dream of the community of Vietnamese refugees to build a Buddhist cultural center mass religious needs has become a reality today,” the monk said.

He also referred to the program of free rice for the poor homeless people in the city of Santa Ana has not performed on each Tuesday, for over a decade.

Local government representative, Miguel Pulido, mayor of Santa Ana, praised the virtues of Thich Quang Thanh Bao Quang Temple building “as a jewel of the city of Santa Ana.”

After the statement is a souvenir gift of the temple in the vicinity.

Next, religious faith monks Buddhist incense table to pray for world peace, the accident not occurred and the security people enjoy democratic freedom.

It was noon, but still crowded temple entrance.

A group of women sit temple vegetarian rice in the shade, laughing eagerly. She said: “Because today we get these meaningful moments. Does anyone know anyone but now sat eating and laughing like sisters in the house, it’s hard to describe the feeling. ”

Bao Quang Temple inauguration in the presence of Thich Chon Thanh, Deputy Upper Buddhist Church of Vietnam in the world, and Thich National Land, Thich Nhat Quang, Thich Phuoc Huynh and words increase.

In addition to the mayor of Santa Ana, and other elected officials attended the inauguration as Senator Lou Correa, Supervisor Janet Nguyen, Vice Mayor of Santa Ana Claudia Alvarez  and some local candidates like Karina Onofre, Phat Bui  and Charlie Nguyen Manh Chi.


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