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Home Non-Profits Disney volunteers build playground for kids

Disney volunteers build playground for kids

Disney volunteers build playground for kids


More than 200 volunteers slogged through a steamy Monday to paint, pour concrete, assemble playground equipment and build a garden for the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana. Disneyland Resort employees, the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana and community members joined with KaBoom, a nonprofit that builds playgrounds. Drawings from local children inspired the playground design.

One of the most eager to volunteer was Disney employee Adrian Garcia, 28, of Santa Ana, an attraction host and video segment producer who helped assemble the climbing wall. Garcia was not asked to volunteer but stepped up when he heard the project would benefit the club where he grew up. Garcia lives a block away and started in the club as a third-grader.

“It took me away from playing in the streets,” Garcia said. “There were no parks nearby, and my parents knew that this was a place that was safe. Now to see I can build something here – it makes me feel proud.”

Disneyland Resort, a KaBoom national partner, pledged $3.5 million in 2011 and the participation of volunteers to build 30 playgrounds, this one being the third. The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana was chosen as a place that would benefit greatly from the playground.

“This is huge,” Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana Chief Executive Robert Santana said. “They built things so we can do things outdoors now. The idea is for kids to be outdoors … in the sun.”

Click here to see pictures of the new playground, on Facebook.

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